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Beyond the darkness of anger is the clarity of responsibility

When we are ignited by irritation of frustration and anger arises we can create a dark picture of what we perceive is the cause of this.

However once this has been expressed there is a light that dawns, revealing the true cause for the anger that we have been carrying.

So many of us constantly compromise our truth for the sake of approval from others, and each time we do we swallow some energy of frustration, and this build up overtime and eventually it’s like a pressure cooker inside us waiting for the smallest trigger to release all that pressure.

Once this has been released there is a calm that we feel, as we are no longer containing that stagnant energy, and from this viewpoint we can now see our part in what we have blamed another for.

The opportunity here is to take responsibility and realize where we have been compromising our integrity and why we have done this and what pay off we received that now is realized to cost just too much. When we can see that we are responsible we are able to commitTo moving ahead with clarity and to not people please at the cost of our own honesty and peace.

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