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Hatred is the fear of owning the truth about ourselves

Hatred is a very strong emotion triggered by extreme aversion to somebody , action or something that we extremely dislike, yet very rarely, do we stop to actually explore why this feeling arises with such veracity. We mostly seek to avoid it or destroy it.

Neither Of these solutions actually work, so when we are in avoidance we restrict our freedom, and when you seek to destroy something ,we poison ourselves and destroy a part of ourselves in the process. But at the heart of this intense dynamic is deep-rooted fear of looking within,  and discovering some unwanted truth about ourselves we do not wish to own.

Instead of making something outside of our selves, the object of our judgment, what we are being pointed towards it's some thing hidden within us, that we seek to suppress and have not forgiven ourselves for. It is an opportunity to compassionately inquire within , and make peace with that part of ourselves we had separated from.  In welcoming it back home, our relationship with the exterior world will be grounded in peace as we release the poison of hatred.

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