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At times we are all in need of peace, A break from the pressure and insistence of our every day duties and responsibilities. This peace can so often feel elusive and we look to find it in nature, by the ocean, walking in the woods , and yet that can be hard to carve out of a busy day.

The thing to remember is that within our Saul is this vast reservoir a peace . it is the true nature of our very being and when we drop from our mind into our hearts , using the tool of breath we can find and access this place within us.

All of our confusions and irritations are actually illusions that we have adopted as reality, insisting that the peace we crave is not available to us whilst we have a series of tasks to complete.

Yet the truth is actually simpler than this, if we give ourselves time to access the peace within us from this place all are our worldly duties can be approached from an equanimity and surrender, trusting that they will either resolve with ease or that we will release them and allow space for something else to arise, once that is done.

Simply taking a moment , five breaths and repeating “the peace I seek is within me always “ five times on the exhale, will access and strengthen this connection and slowly we will find the ease and effortless grace that we seek will flourish in our lives and support our journey towards it’s hallowed ground.

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