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Move forward with positivity for no matter the outcome you'll be rewarded with the joy of being

For most of us in life we don't like to be disappointed so we often wait for good news before we allow ourselves to become excited about the outcome. We have an idea of what we want and only feel happy if what happens align with this. Yet what we don't realize is this restricts the possibilities and has us living limited by our expectations.

Everything that happens is a consequence of your thinking about it , or more accurately how you feel and your reality is created in alignment with this . Instead of holding onto a set idea the secret is to chose to feel positive right now trusting whatever experience that happens it will be the perfect one to lead you to the highest joy .

Release the set idea of how , or what , or when and allow the universe to match up with your optimism and create experiences to feed that exhilaration. Don't be afraid when things shift during the journey because as we refine our vision sometimes things will get an upgrade on the path and so no matter what comes or goes its all serving our expansive being .

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