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When we are asked to surrender in life often we can feel like we are giving up , so that even though we do it we feel like its a failure. This negative perspective can lead to us having resistance during this period and not actually gaining the rewards that are available in this experience.

We might physically let go but we hold on mentally long after the situation has past , with a story of injustice , often blaming the exterior circumstances , which leads us to try to avoid them in the future. Yet if we chose to bravely trust we open ourselves up to the optimism of  Positive surrender

When we drop our resistance we discover that the situation we find ourselves in is asking us to let go of our insistence and recognize the gift inherent in this change of events . We are all ways being served for our greater good and this Yin period of respite is so we can realign ourselves with a new direction that will ultimately allow us to receive the beneficial outcomes of this graceful gift .

What surrender could you allow in a more positive way?

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