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Updated: Apr 16

The quality of the love you express is more important than the retention of a relationship through compromise .

When we are in relationship, especially one that feels good we understandably wish to keep it going. This desire to have it lost unconsciously creeps into our behaviors and before we know it, our main priority is to retain the relationship  at all costs.

The problem with this is that every day we will edit our authentic expression to keep the other happy and wishing to stay with us. We will tune our attention to noticing what improves their mood and what triggers them to be irritated , and we will compromise ourselves to avoid the upset and initiate the happiness.

Without fully realizing it, we become the version of ourselves, we most believe the other wants to be with, and our authentic expression becomes suppressed. This suppression creates an internal self rejection. In trying to be something the other approves of we unwittingly disapprove of ourselves.

Love is the expression of authenticity and when we love another, it is not a consequence of their behavior, but a gift to us enabling us to remove our judgments that are actually reflections of our internalized ones.

So as we accept another whole heartedly and make the quality of our love the priority we also accept ourselves, removing our own judgments in the process of becoming a living expression of the love, we are.

Be courageous enough to authentically love the people in your life without compromising yourself !

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