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Remove your investment in self improvement and find your true beauty revealed through self acceptance

When we spend our time putting effort into improving ourselves we are saying that who and what we are right now is not good enough , not acceptable and that it is only when we make ourselves “Better” that we can be worthy of our own respect or love , so we set goals and achievements and strive towards them to gain self approval .

Yet the problem with this way of thinking is that it starts from a place of “not good enough “ from seeing yourself of needing to be improved and it becomes a never ending treadmill of working towards an idealized self that one day will be “good enough” or “worthy enough” yet because it is based in a false idea of ourselves it never arrives and the goalposts constantly change and get upgraded.

Our True Being and thus our True Value is only revealed when we remove the idealized self and are willing to look at the real authentic self that lies below all ingratiation , that we where and have always been perfect exactly as we where, behind all the masks and protective layers was the brightest light shining from within us all along , and the easiest way to discover this is to let it shine on those in your life !

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