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All redirections leads to new connections

When we have a specific direction in mind it can be quite frustrating when it seems to be blocked . Wether it be literal physical blockages or mental ones , and wether it involves a person or institution we can feel that we are being prevented from our goal and that somehow our freedom is being limited , which can stir rebellion and anger .

Yet what if there was another way to see these restrictions to our agenda? What if under the surface situation was a deeper dynamic playing out that was always serving your Bigger Goal ? The small you believes it has the answers and knows the way forward yet is limited by the experiences it has had so cannot see the bigger picture that the BIG U does and tries to force its agenda which only creates stress for when we insist we create resistance.

From a higher perspective what might seem to be blocking your path is actually a redirection leading you to go a new and different way that has you become more aware. In this heightened state we notice things and make connections that offer us new ideas and opportunities that ultimately serve our grander journey. When we learn to trust these situations with hindsight we can see they lead us on an accelerated path to our own evolution.

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