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THE BIG U - 3/22/21

When life has tested us to the highest degree, we have probably swallowed a lot of tension, and overtime Built up the pressure inside of us and this internalized energy causes stress both mentally , emotionally and physically.

Although developing resilience and perseverance are some of the amazing gifts that we can receive from these challenges in life, at some point the fight or flight dynamic inside of us psychologically, Builds cortisol physically and creates a high degree of sensitivity and reactivity, and it is at this point that we must take a break and decompress.

When it is time to release the pressure, we must surrender control of the situation and allow ourselves to open to a higher degree of trust.

Knowing that the BIG U has a grander viewpoint and can see the bigger picture. When we trust the process, we will be surprised that even when things leave, are lost or destroyed , that what is born in its place is infinitely better and more aligned to the grandeer you , you are invited to become from this process.

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