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Throw off the shackles of your identity and follow the guidance of your own inner voice

The most confusing thing about our identity is that we think it is a constant and yet it is an ever-changing structure.

We invest so much in its construction and identify with its achievements seeing a value in the investment we have made.

However this rigid structure becomes limiting and our stress is when we attempt to live up to this idealized personality. For our evolution is only possible in our fluidity, allowing the constant Growth of our being requires us to not hold onto any identity at all.

At any moment we are guided by our own inner voice and this is not restricted by any past attachment or requirement and in order for us to be able to live in alignment with its authentic communication we have to be willing to be fluid with the structure of our being.

Freedom, Is freedom from your own package of limitations that you are holding onto and a have identified with, and when you are ready for this expansion you will discover the thing you were holding onto was holding you back.

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