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Whenever we are faced with a challenging choice in life it is normally because it involves some kind of risk .

Risk of what ? Risk of loss ! Whatever it may be thats at risk ultimately it is because we believe we will potentially lose something in the process and so often if we think too hard about it or get outside advice,  we will make up our minds to not do something that we deem 'Too risky !'

However this limited way of thinking is born in the erroneous idea that you could lose something that is valuable, yet if you could lose it then by definition it is not you . Thus  whatever is leaving you life, wether a person , situation or belief is an act of purification that allows for you to be more authentic.

So all risk is actually an act of revolution!

Instead of risk aversion when we choose to live a revolutionary life we are inviting in evolution to our day to day experience. If  we recognize that the only thing that is at  risk is a limiting belief ; an identification as the small you , then we commit to an evolutionary life. Willing to revolt against whatever  is holding us back from our own expansion .

Take a revolutionary risk today and see what evolves in your life??

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