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Say yes to spaciousness

When the invitation for spaciousness arises say yes

Sometimes in our busy schedule an opening arises. Whether it be a cancellation, change of plans or somebody letting you down. Whatever you might think about it rather than seeing it as a negative, realize that there is an opportunity arising in this space.

These unexpected appointments are openings that the universe makes for us to receive a wonderful experience that we hadn't realized from our limited perspective that we needed, but we had asked for.  Wether subconsciously or unconsciously we requested an experience that would bring us a certain feeling or a certain opportunity. So rather than meeting our current plans the universe literally changes them and arranges spaciousness, a few hours or a few days for us to have an unexpected appointment arrive.

These times rather than be annoyed , irritated or try to force something to occur, get excited , lean in to the space make yourself available to it and open up to the opportunities that will arise. They will always be some thing more than you could've expected and bring the perfect appointments of people , places and events into your life.

What opening can you allow to bring something new into your life ??

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