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The BIG U - 1/12/21

Seeking approval

To seek another’s

approval at the sake of losing our own is the highest form of disrespect

Quite often in life without realizing it we are seeking approval from another. A lot of us early on in our life learnt to gain approval from our parents by doing a particular behavior or saying certain things.

However as we have grown through life this is become a subliminal part of our subconscious, and it operates in the background unless we develop mindfulness and become aware of this insidious way of operating.

When we define our worth by the approval we get from others, we disrespect ourselves at the highest level , for we do it at the cost of our own approval. When are authenticity is the price that we pay for this approval the cost is always too much and even if we gain it , an internal debt is built up within us, and eventually is reflected in the behavior of those outside us , and when we feel they do not recognize this unspoken trade of our own truth we are indignant, and angered and blame them for the disrespect.

The answer here Is that all exterior approval is valueless, and the only approval that has worth is our own, So when we have the courage to walk in authenticity , & firmly stay true to our own selves we build an internal reservoir of approval and gain self respect freeing ourselves of the good opinions of others.

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