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We all have access to unlimited abundance yet many of us do not feel this in our day to day lives . We get focused on the objective of trying to attain money so that we have it to spend , and lose track of the fact that abundance is experienced when we share it .

Our mistake is that we feel we are a container that is limited in size and we only have a small amount to go round . Not only is this not the case but the size is directly proportionate to the amount we feel comfortable owning . Many of us have a subconscious script that holds us back from success due to not wanting to own the responsibility of our unlimited nature .

We blame the exterior circumstances for  our situation instead of looking at the internal dynamics that are creating it. In actuality we are not a container but a  conduit for source to arise from within us and be projected out into the world . So the more we share of ourselves , without condition,  but in loving expression the more abundant we feel. For our actual purpose is to express our true selves abundantly, discovering we have limitless value as we share our gifts with others .

What can you share of yourself today ?

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