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The repercussions of us taking care of ourselves are always to our benefit

There is a very strong dynamic in spiritual circles to put others first and although the greatest action we can take is to be of service , if we do this at the cost of our own well being , instead of it being an action of giving and true service it becomes an act of martyrdom and we look for recognition from with out to fulfill us.

Underneath this behavior can be a fear that we are not worthy or a good person , unless we are constantly putting others first and we fear the negative repercussions but this drive can create an imbalance and we become rundown and exhausted because at its root its from a place of self judgment.

The answer to this is to realize that ultimately we are loved and appreciated for our authentic being , not for what we can do for others but what we are in our real expression of ourselves, and instead of fearing the repercussions of external judgement , when we are truly honest and vulnerable and choose to take care of ourselves, this is seen as a great example and invites others to support us in this and permission to do the same .

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