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Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Treat Yourself with Care for the Universe will Mirror this Treatment

Sometimes we can feel that we are not cared for by others , and this can build up of years to a belief that we are not cared for by the universe .

Yet the root of this thinking is that at its core we have not been taking care of ourselves!.. Our physical Health , our emotional well being , our mental diet and our spiritual sustenance. And when we do this we look for others to take care of us and are confused and can get upset feeling not supported .

Yet the universe is always mirroring you own treatment of yourself so the change must start from within, It is time to prioritize your self love and to take care of yourself first , to build a daily program of self care that enthuses you and creates an opportunity to thrive .

You will not only shift your own internal landscape but you will find the it reflected in your outside world as you approach it all no longer from a place of need but from a place of contentment and generosity .

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