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Above the rocky ground of our Self Doubt is the sky of our Compassion

The big U Blog 9/17/20

At times we can all feel very uneasy with navigating the rocky ground of our own self doubt

We have many different voices in her head that all seem to have a different judgment and perspective of how we should behave and what decisions we should make as we navigate the world .

Sometimes we can get stuck in recrimination and second guessing and this is the time to be compassionate with ourselves, to hold ourselves in a place of love and understanding.

Many times what we think is a mistake or a wrong turn it’s perfectly aligned to make us see something about ourselves, for us to notice something hidden that needed to be brought to the light, and when we are compassionate enough to have patience and understanding with ourselves we give ourselves the opportunity to heal and grow.

And when we practice this way of being with ourselves we are able then to extend that to others and develop more compassion, understanding and forgiveness for others .

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