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Shades of Gray

Be open to the variety of life for Between black and white are many shades of grey

When we grow up many of us are taught right and wrong and we slowly learn to adopt a black and white opinion of life.

The problem with this is that it creates a judgment system. we are always looking to know whether something is right or wrong, good or bad and not only do we judge others under this criteria but also ourself, quite often very harshly.

This way of thinking prevents us from seeing the true multitude of experiences that life has to offer and they come in many shades of gray. Life is not absolute in any scenario , for that is always a subjective opinion from somebody's perspective. What can be seen as right from one perception can be seen as wrong from another's.

Ultimately life from the BIG U's viewpoint it is always serving our evolution and the many shades of gray are simply the vast variety of ways that this might happen. So rather than being dogmatically opinionated, instead develop an understanding of the rich variety that life has to offer and you will discover the infinite beauty that exists between the the extremes.

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