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Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Everything we receive is not a requirement, but a bonus we experience fully in the sharing

We all receive the bounty of life everyday in a multitude of ways we are blessed with the providence of the universe . From each breath of air , to every mouthful of food , to every experience of receiving, we are gifted by life to always be expanding i to the fullest version of ourselves.

Yet where we truly thrive is when we realize that these gifts are not for us to keep but for us to share . Most of what we comes to us in life can be a short lived experience if we simply hold onto it , yet if we realize that we do not receive as a requirement for ourselves but rather as fuel so that we are a device of the universe to multiply all we receive by sharing it.

We are not a container but a conduit of this abundance and when we make our lives a device to generously share all  that comes through us, we discover that the fullest feeling of love is felt when we allow it to express all we are with others .

What have you received  that will be experienced fully in the sharing ??

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