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When we have undertaken concentrated periods of education , we become flooded with new ideas and feel so energized that we wish to hit the ground running . Full of enthusiasm we move ahead without a clear plan or direction and can quickly become overwhelmed.

When ever we have gone through a process of evolution it is important to give ourselves the timeout to reflect and let things settle . For these shifts will need to be integrated into our navigation system , removing what no longer works for us and making space for the new teachings to flourish .

Learning a new  teaching that you wish to adopt is the first step , then it is necessary to test this in our real life before the real wisdom is understood . As we apply it to situations, we see how it is useful and how it needs to be refined to operate harmoniously with our current mindset . Remembering this essential step will make the reentry smoother and enable us to transition into the next level of our life with grace .

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