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Our Dreams are our instruments, when we combine them with others we create a symphony for All

We all have dreams and they are the lifeblood of our inspiration and motivation, however quite often we believe we have to fight for our right to follow them, and sometimes see others as a hindrance two as achieving them.

Mistakingly thinking that in order to achieve them we have to exclude others as that might distract us from achieving them .

However as I have matured I have realized that on the level of human existence when we are willing to resonate authentically at the frequency of our highest ideals and the expression that will take then we will also attract others that naturally and authentically are in the same resonance.

Our willingness to be forthright about our vision invites and encourages others with harmonious and complementary ideals to be drawn togetherAnd instead of excluding others we create an team Of aligned and inspiring individuals that can together create A symphony for All !

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