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You are the artist of your life and your tools of creation are emotion, inspiration and imagination.

We are all artists and our greatest work of art is our lives . We use the tools of creation that have been given us to weave a beautiful tapestry from our imagination, inspired by our visions and ignited from our emotions .

The life experience that we engage in is of our own making and we get to craft it from our imagination , continuously refining it as we are inspired by each interaction which ignites our emotions .

Our emotions are the feelings that become the fuel for the ever changing creativity that flows from us . Instead of being slaves to them , When we learn to see them as opportunities for change and the motivation to do so we place them into there proper place in our tool box. Seeing them as useful ignition points of artistic design instead of hindering our expression they become conscious tones and create contrast to our lives , where we can savor and feel more richly .

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