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There is no more delightful experience than the expression of love called service

At the core of all beings is a unifying truth that we are comprised of Love. Yet how we get to know and realize this as a truth is in expressing what we are. And it is this this expression that takes the form of service. In serving others we can delight in the realization that who and what we are is giving in nature; is compassionate in nature; is fulfilling in nature; and ultimately is energizing in nature.

The way the system works, is that we discover who we are when we share who we are, and as we allow the love that we are to outflow in the form of service to all others ,that seem separate to us , is actually offering us the opportunity to discover ourselves in that service. In which we become fulfilled once again from the source within us as we are energized and revitalized by this act.

If you believe you are being of service but Feel drained then actually you are not coming from love, but an inherent need to feel value from another, or from yourself, in the judgment of yourself as a good person. For true service is the expression of love and you will be intrinsically motivated and altruistically fulfilled as you walk this path of delight!

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