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Plunge the depths of your being to remove the blockages to you Soul

Most of the time we are so distracted by the responsibilities of our daily lives that we can feel disconnected to our core being . We occupy our time with all the duties and actions towards our goals yet underneath this disconnect is the cause of our sense of unease or confusion that can arise .

When we focus on the exterior often we don't actually have a clear idea as to why we are seeking , success , materialism , a relationship or many of the world's goals . We have assumed it is through this external achievement that we will attain happiness yet this is always fleeting . Felt at first then fading away to be replaced by another yearning .

Once we see the recycle of repetition we slowly recognize that it is in exterior distractions we avoid plunging the depths of our own being. Eventually we realize that access the peace we seek we must remove the blockages present within our deepest self. That pain we hold on to prevents us from accessing the self acceptance we yearn for . So when we are finally ready to bring light to our shadows, replacing rejection with integration, we discover the beauty we held within all the time .

What inner judgement are you ready to bring light too??

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