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As we take our first step the path to our dreams rises to meet us

The first step is always the hardest and yet once taken proves to be the easiest.

Before we start a journey we usually spend a lot of time deciding on the right course of action and what we will need along the way and yet the minute we start the journey it takes on a life of its own and it can well go in many ways that we didn’t expect.

Preparation and visualization a great tools to use yet the key is to leave without attachment to the exact path, for each step that we take will give us new experiences and bring us unexpected wisdom and as we rise in our understanding we will make different decisions about the best course of action as we travel .

The key here is to trust , trust that each step will be presented to us from our new standpoint and trust the intuition and guidance from within , even if it changes from the original intention, and it normally does,This is perfect for we are an ever evolving being an as we evolve , so so does the path before us.

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