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The More we Release the More we Connect

We are a social animal and We all seek real connection with others, yet what we often fail to realize is that it is the connection to our own in identity and the protection of that investment, gets in the way of us connecting deeply with others.

The investment we have made in our own identity over our lifetime has us feeling that we need to protect it and keep it safe. Impacted by seemingly negative experiences we try, and, make sure we feel secure before we trust another . The problem is that we are often looking for signs of a threat based on our past and therefore manifest something to be concerned about which prevents us from connecting openly.

The alternative is to release our fears and thus our need for protection and come from a place of trust. To find inspiring goodness in others we have to first emanate it from ourselves. When we walk in the world, believing that at its route all situations are serving a higher evolution. We can connect with people from a place of curiosity wondering which beautiful aspect may be hidden inside of them that will open our hearts and in mutual vulnerability create true connection.

What are you holding on to that is in the way of connecting deeper??

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