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Follow the path of joy for it will bear the fruits of contentment

Sometimes we find it difficult to decide what is our guiding principle from which to make decisions on. There is our responsibilities of our various roles in life as a parent, business, owner, employee etc. and these often take precedent when deciding where to put our energy, however, when we come from a place of duty, we look for the feedback of worth either from ourselves or others usually both.

When we look for confirmation from outside ourselves we will always get confirmation of our own insecurities that create the need for it . So we are always trying to live up to our expectations and looking for a payoff , but we sabotage ourselves in the process.

Real contentment is found when we recognize that we all have an internal guidance system that is aligned to our wellbeing , and when we follow its path we are rewarded with the fruits of joy along the way . Once we have this as a priority we no longer go out to the world looking for proof of our value , but bring our abundant bounty to share with the world in everything we do .

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