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Updated: Dec 13, 2021


A common notion when we feel dominated by an outside force is that it has power over us. This space we adopt a victim mentality of frustration and annoyance, feeling we are a helpless in the face of forces beyond us . Yet all the power you need is within you and the only way for another to have power over you is if you have given away your power . Now on the surface there seems to be many reasons for this but ultimately it comes down to one thing avoidance of responsibility.

Each of us is responsible for our own existence and the experiences that we bring to us are directly reflective of our own projections. Sometimes this can be hard to grasp and we fail to see the link between what we are experiencing and what we are consciously asking for. Yet ultimately no matter the experience it is serving your evolution and is orchestrated by the subconscious requests you are making wether you are aware or not.

When we are unable to understand this we separate many things in our life as beyond our responsibility. We see cause outside of ourselves In order to Makes sense of that which we do not understand. Yet in this process we Define ourselves as powerless for we give away our power to anything we are unwilling to take responsibility for.

To turn this around we can adopt an attitude of responsibility for all that is occurring without judgement, and especially when we can not understand why it is happening still stay positive trusting that we have created this further our evolution . By doing this we empower ourselves and awaken to the realization that we are in the driving seat of our lives and the power to choose how we feel and our attitude towards life is ours and ours alone .

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