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The purpose of this life vision is to remove the layers of identity that have formed that separate us from all others , so that our essence can evolve without attachment to a goal , but in each moment of allowing ourself to be a conduit for the truth that ultimately releases us from our self imposed limitations.

Everyone we meet will be effected by this vision for as We courageously share our experiences in answer to their questions , We see ourselves in them and when we take the risk to authentically share our vulnerability , and express the freedom that this brings, we inspire ourselves and aspire all we interact with to listen to their own guidance, to throw off their shackles of identity and follow that guidance from within their own passionate innervoice .

Everyone who has invested in an identity through the mistaken belief of self improvement , rather than self acceptance, to suggest to them that it is the removal of their ingratiation that will reveal the clarity of their essence and engender in them through our example to move forward in their life from this standpoint of Liberation.

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