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Dont let the waves of love be blocked by your rocks of pride

Our very nature is love and the outflowing of this essence is the purpose-of our existence , to discover new ways to express the unlimited nature of who and what we are in the next most loving and giving way we can .

However sometimes we can let our self righteousness arise in indignation and in order to be right , in order to win , we are willing to block the flow of love with the rocks of pride . The issue with this it is ourselves that suffer the loss , for it os the expression of love that fulfills and enlivens us .

Instead the next time the opportunity arises , do not cave into self sabotage in order to please another, be steadfast in your authenticity and honesty about a subject , yet come from vulnerability and ownership. Sharing from a place of self responsibility will engender a compassionate response and develop a loving connection that is truly of value as it is steeped in integrity and courage.

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