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The third eye is the vision unlimited by perception

We all rely on our sight generally more than any other sense . We are visual beings in this day to day world and give a lot of weight to what we see in creating the perception of our world .

Yet this perception is incredibly colored by our own perspective.

As we grow through life we have many experiences, from which we make conclusions both  learnt and adopted from our family, peers and society . Yet unknown to us this web of acquired knowledge is strongly colored by preferences and prejudices and instead of us all seeing the same thing we see things that either align with what we  want and move toward or what we don't and avoid .

The trouble with this perverted way of seeing is that it categorizes based on the past , painting  false assumptions on that which is before us limiting the truth of what is . If we instead choose to utilize our Third Eye our inner vision we can see life from the eyes of love , as it truly is unlimited by out perception we instead witness that life is always reflected ourselves and the offer always is to Love that aspect of who we are and in doing so heal ourself.

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