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THE BIG U - 1/30/21


Time is the portal upon which we get to explore our creation of reality and so many of us are used to engaging it from a linear perspective yet what we can learn is that it is the quality of our presence that actually dictates the dynamic of time and how we experience it .

When we are in resistance to our current circumstances it creates friction and time will seem to drag on.

When we are enjoying our experience then we can literally get lost in time and it can fly by where we don’t seem to know where it has gone .

Yet there is also a way to relate to time from the perspective of the observer, when we become very mindful of each moment and instead of resisting or insisting we simply drop into a state of witnessing and develop equanimity for each moment .

We are able to slip between time to see the vertical alignment of all our experiences , like a dial on a radio we can tune into the infinite variety of our existence and Intrigued by every opportunity to discover new wisdom , we revel in the learning that is available to us from every experience, realizing that each moment is a present for our evolution.

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