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Once you have set the intention trust and Be Open to All outcomes

When we have a goal in life we believe we need to figure out how it will all come to pass and usually start by figuring out each step towards it , however the minute we start our journey by our engagement, it will evolve as we undertake and interact with it , so being locked into a set plan restricts the experience and creates angst as we struggle to control the outcome.

The main focus in any objective is to get clear with your intention, what feeling you wish to achieve by setting this goal and to hold that feeling strong in your presence , yet to let go of the control element and to trust as we evolve through the journey the goal and steps toward it evolve in reflection to our growth .

The answer is to be open to all outcomes to focus on our intentions and know that no matter what is happening,the perfect situations are arising to being about the end , and sometimes that is totally unexpected and not what you thought but turns out to be perfectly what serves your evolution and expansion the best .

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