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Relax and trust your next breathe is waiting for you

Sometimes we can get very stressed about what is going to happen next, we can occupy our mind and create an interior state of apprehension about how we going to proceed in life.

Unfortunately this kind of thinking creates anxiety and then we can attract confusion and start to plan for negative outcomes. The thing about this approach is that it can literally attract the outcomes you wish to avoid.

What we need to remember is that when the universe opens up a space we do not have to fill it immediately with our thoughts and our concerns, the reason things are deconstructing and opening up is to allow for a shift, for some new path to appear and the opportunity is for a whole new direction in tour life.

Just like when we trust that we will have the next breath waiting for us when we release the one before ,when we take an optimistic attitude and relax during these times of the unknown we can trust that the next breath, the next expansion is waiting for us.

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