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When something is removed from your life it is because it no longer serves you and is making space for something that does

Often in our lives when somethings removed from us we feel as if you’re taking unduly , is if we have lost some thing that we needed and yet when you really think about the concept of removal, we remove things that are no longer necessary for example in surgery the surgeon takes things out that have you become tumorous causing disruption and issues in the flow of the working of our body, and once removed the blockage is gone .


The modern way of thinking is all about acquisition and we have forgotten the gift of removal, the gift of some thing leaving, that is taking away, is always making space for something beautiful and more appropriate to who you NOW are, to add to your life!

So if you feel things shifting at the moment and passing away , people , places or things are being removed then release your grasping , stop holding on, and breathe and breathe a deep sigh of relief for something new and wondrous is coming your way.

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