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In today's modern society one of the biggest epidemics is loneliness . At first glance we would relate this to having a small or no social circle but in a lot of cases those of us who feel the most lonely are actually the ones with a lot of friends. The cause of this is not how many but the quality of the connections we have .

The problem is that,  like all areas of our life, we are trying to gain approval and so we show up in an idealized way to attract friends . Wether online or in person we present the best of us , yet this does not tell the whole story . For the real us is a combination of all our parts and yet because we judge some parts as negative ourselves we seek to hide them from others .

When we Hide we don't feel seen , so no matter the amount off connections we don't feel met by anyone, and this is the root cause of loneliness. The answer is as simple as its courageous , show up totally as you are, No masks, no pretense and no agenda. When we  have the vulnerability to be authentic we get a true reflection of it in the person before us and in their witnessing of us  we see the truth of our own being .

What challenging relationship could you show up with more vulnerability in ??

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