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What we can be

is not limited to

what we where

When we aspire to be better than we are , we can subconsciously be limited by an idea of what we where . We carry our past with us in our attachment to our identity, due to our investment in our achievements failing to realize that some of the attributes we have acquired no longer serve us .

We are held back by this false identification, believing those conclusions we took on earlier in our lives , which we weaved into a belief system , are actually who we are . Since so many of us adopted feelings of security , safety , privacy and protection from our parents and society , we created a limiting egoic container  unconsciously preventing ourselves from expanding in order to avoid risk .

What we can now choose to be is actually not limited by what we believe we where , for when we actually investigate the origin of those fears we discover they no longer hold true . When we commit to diligently examining our identities regularly we can unhook our attachment to our past selfs  and courageously create a new being daily that authentically serves your greatest evolution and Joyful expression.

What past idea of yourself is no longer serving you ??

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