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You are more than enough

You are not too much !.. You are more than enough !

#morethanenough #nevertoomuch #abundance #selfworth #selfrevolution #innerpower #paulgotel #evernow #thebigu #bigu - Look for what you have tried to suppress in your life ?.. the thing that others have always said your ‘too much ‘ this is your gift your blessing for the world !.. however because you’ve adopted a belief that this gift is ‘too much’ you’ve suppressed it and this suppression creates stress and dis-ease!.. the reason you were give more than enough of this aspect of yourself is because it is what you incarnated to share with the world , it’s the gift you most excitedly wanted to embody so you choose it to be unlimited , as it is when you have more than you need , more than enough that you can give too others truly without attachment. Actually holding on to too much is debilitating . It seems crazy that the most common negative self talk is that ‘I am not enough ‘ ie it’s an issue of self worth !.. yet the truth is you are more than enough and if you’d stop making yourself ill by holding yourself back but instead released the pressure and abundantly shared your gifts you would be joyous and know you are more than Enough !

Wether it’s a job or hobby or vocation or volunteering, make space in your life right now for that energy you suppress and find a place where it is an asset not a deflect!.. for example I love to talk but find I have to reduce it in social circles to not over power people , to not be too much !.. yet when I choose to speak publicly to share my experiences then I’m in alignment with with all my gifts , the power of my voice, the articulation , the confidence are all welcome and necessary talents for this and so I’m fulfilled and abundantly share from this placing with out limit to my joy and always feel amazing afterwards because I released the hold on myself !

So find you ’too much’ and find something where that would be an asset , do it now , and watch your stress disappear and your self worth blossom as you share the beauty you came here to reveal !..

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