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Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Your magnificent original

Essence is never lost

Your original essence that existed before you were in physical form and will continue to exist long after you have dropped this body has never been lost from you.

This essence which for some may call a soul or your spirit, is the true actuality of who you are. It is the divine intelligence deeply seated in your being, The witness observing the journey of your life, and the repository of all the wisdom that you clean from every experience you undertake.

This magnificent true aspect of you is one and united with the source of all and has never been lost or tainted by the experiences that you have had through your life.

Every moment is an opportunity to evolve through every experience and the bright light at the center of your being is never dimmed but added to by the pearls of wisdom that can be cleaned from both the challenges and the gifts of your life.

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