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1Admit that you have a fear. Identify the fear. Say it. Write it. See it. Get comfortable with yourself having a fear.

2 Don't judge it. Accept it. Sit with it. Be with it. Be with yourself. Are you afraid to die? Are you afraid of embarrassment? Do you feel shame? It's ok. You are not have yourself to be with.

3 Realize that this fear, just like any other idea of self, is based upon a belief. It is likely that somewhere along the line you gobbled up this fear from someone else. For the purposes of this exercise, it doesn't matter where.

4 Identify the belief. Now, what is that belief? If you are afraid of death, what do you believe about your eternal nature? If you are afraid of pain, what do you believe the purpose of pain is (To teach? To torment?)? If you are afraid of what other people think, what do you believe is the worst thing that could happen?

5 Realize the belief is a choice. FEEL the reality that this belief is not fixed. You picked it up at some point so you CAN set it down.

6 Ask yourself if you would like to continue to choose that belief. Since it is ultimately your choice, would you like to keep choosing it? Be honest!

7 If not, ask if there is a more optimal belief to hold. If you are going to create a void in your belief system, perhaps it makes sense to fill it up with something more beneficial.

8 If so, select that belief. Resolve, in the moment, to hold the new belief. Just FORGET about the old one. Literally, forget about it, and focus your attention on the new one.

9 Finally, reinforce that belief in every way possible. Mantras, visualizations, agenda items, reminders, journaling, being vulnerable with others, admitting that you are making a change. Ultimately, make your decisions now with the reminder that you are in the life of someone that now believes this new, more preferable thing.

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