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The BIG U 1/7/21

We all like to see ourselves as loving generous beings and enjoy giving to others. However what can be missed is that giving is the expression of love, and love is the absence of conditions literally love means unconditional and so when we are truly giving We expect nothing in return.

If however we do have a condition hidden in the giving ; an agenda; requirement or even I need to be acknowledged, recognized or congratulated , then that gift is transformed into a Trade .

Trade is a natural exchange of energy and is not a negative thing but is a different dynamic and would serve us to recognize the difference, for when we trade we expect a reciprocation for this , even if it is the insidious one of ourselves registering ourselves as a good person because we perceive it as a Gift! ... the problem arises when that expectation is not met and then we slowly feel not appreciated or valued and the whole game is revealed to be a device through which we are trying to gain self worth through service to others which is not true service but an unspoken demand that will eventually feel angered when not feed and will become righteous in its seeking balance for this perceived injustice.

A true Gift is intrinsically fulfilling, in other words we are literally getting the payoff in the action of giving itself , we feel enlivened and filled from the source within ourselves as we realize our natural expression of the love we are is to share it and their is no result needed , as we are motivated by the knowledge that is apparent to us that we are the Love we seek when we share it with others!

So the mastery is to develop awareness for our intentions at all times and if we are commencing a trade that we make the other person aware of this and what we would like in return , and when we feel moved to discover our true value by the act of giving or service we choose this consciously and joyously knowing whomever has arrived in our space to be gracious with is actually in return serving us by allowing us the opportunity to be truly giving and discover that that is the greatest gift we ourselves receive as it reveals who we truly are ... an abundant source of Love .

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