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Many of us get lost in our day-to-day activities and responsibilities, we are so full with our busy lives that we forget to make time for ourselves and consequently, we lose ourselves in the chaos.

Without fully realizing it we define ourselves by what we do and we are so invested in our to do list, being productive and achieving things,  that we actually lose sight as to whether that what we are doing is actually serving us.  Very often burning ourselves out because it is not actually in alignment with who we truly Are .

So before you get lost in the activities of your day, remember to find yourself first. This is the gift of meditation and why most people do it first thing in the morning before the world has awakened. Whether you meditate sitting in nature or in a quiet place in your home, remember to give yourself a moment each day where you reconnect with the source within and find yourself once again .

Make time to find  oneself today !

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