When we are emptied it is an opportunity to let go of the past and reset to the present If this resonates Please like , share and comment below and join my mailing list at my website for more on the new Human operating system for life HOS3 WWW.PAULGOTEL.COM IF YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR OWN SELF REVOLUTION , then For Self Revolution Coaching Sessions email #paulgotel #innerpower #thebigu #big #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery #inspiration


Do not look to the other to see their own jewels , show them yours and witness theirs. If this resonates Please like , share and comment below and join my mailing list at my website for more on the new Human operating system for life HOS3 WWW.PAULGOTEL.COM IF YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR OWN SELF REVOLUTION , then For Self Revolution Coaching Sessions email #paulgotel #innerpower #thebigu #big #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery #inspiration


Illness is an invitation to evolution If this resonates Please like , share and comment below and join my mailing list at my website for more on the new Human operating system for life HOS3 WWW.PAULGOTEL.COM IF YOU ARE READY FOR YOUR OWN SELF REVOLUTION , then For Self Revolution Coaching Sessions email #paulgotel #innerpower #thebigu #big #evernow #selfrevolution #selfhelp #selfdiscovery #inspiration #lifeteachings #love #reflection #gift #experienc


Assuming responsibility for another is always just an assumption In life we have many situations that seem to demand we assume responsibility for another , however the truth is when we do so it is always an assumption that does not actual tell the full truth . For each of is no matter the role we play where we adopt responsibility for others ie Parenting, ultimately every being is responsible for their own journey and the choices they make to craft it . Most of us in human so


A NEW YEAR IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO DROP THE OLD STRUCTURE OF IDENTITY AND WELCOME THE FREEDOM OF FLUIDITY Each moment we are renewed, and ever flowing fluidity of experience that dances through this journey of life . Yet quite often we can become attached to our memories of ourself and this identity becomes a rigid structure of personality that after time restricts the true expression of who we are in this very moment . A new Year holds a symbolic ideology within this world that


THE SUN SHINES NOT OUTSIDE OF US BUT FROM WITHIN US WE ARE OUR OWN LIGHT When it is a sunny day we can feel the optimistic uplift that this instills in our emotional well-being, yet that feeling is actually a choice we can make that doesn't rely on the external Sun to shine. In many ways we look to exterior circumstances to bring brightness into our lives whether it be sunny day, and unexpected windfall, a joyous occasion, yet rather than looking for the exterior World to su


Happiness is the choice to express our true being in every moment Happiness I have often said is a choice but as I have evolved I realize it is also a consequence. Not a consequence of exterior results but a consequence of an interior choice. When we have the courage to choose to express our true being in every moment , that natural feeling of unbridled expression without restriction is what we call happiness. We can see it in children when they live in the moment and expres


No matter the challenge patient perseverance will win out When we are faced with a challenge that we cannot see immediate solution we can become frustrated by the lack of clarity and understanding . Yet pushing and demanding do not hold the key to resolution for that insistence creates resistance . The key is to persevere but with patience , to take each step that presents itself with grace and to treat every person in the journey with equal compassion and respect no matter

Acceptance Leads to Resolution

ACCEPTANCE OF ANY SITUATION IS THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS ITS RESOLUTION The first step towards resolution is acceptance. Quite often we are faced with challenging situation and our first thing we do is resist it. We try to avoid it we try to negate it, we try to push it on somebody else, yet it is only when we truly own what is happening in that we can start the process towards resolution. Every challenge that comes to us is going to lead us on a journey whether it be an exterio


It is in getting back up that we realize the gift of the fall When we fall we can be surprised and impacted and if we focus on that we could miss the actual gift of learning we receive in getting back up . Every time we fall or fail we are learning something about ourselves and the discovery is gained when we own the situation and look at the particular issue that arose and how we negotiated the problem . The experience of this beings about a new way of navigating life that


You are the artist of your life and your tools of creation are emotion, inspiration and imagination. We are all artists and our greatest work of art is our lives . We use the tools of creation that have been given us to weave a beautiful tapestry from our imagination, inspired by our visions and ignited from our emotions . The life experience that we engage in is of our own making and we get to craft it from our imagination , continuously refining it as we are inspired by ea


All judgement is self judgement, all blame is avoidance of responsibility, seek to look inside to discover the answers we look for in another When we are having challenges in a relationship we can feel judged, and in return judge ; we can feel Blamed and in return blame . This game of back and forth is one of righteousness and on the surface can seem just, as facts are presented and the case argued, yet ultimately this way of dealing with the situation is avoiding our respon


Make Space to face all the feelings that arise to be felt for once you no longer avoid them you set them free When we are impacted by events in our life that bring up submerged feelings at first we can be jarred by this experience and often look to blame the person or situation that has triggered this , yet in doing so we seek to avoid the reason this has arisen which is to give us the opportunity to heal the wound that has been hidden within . When we have a experience in ou


Move forward with positivity for no matter the outcome you'll be rewarded with the joy of being For most of us in life we don't like to be disappointed so we often wait for good news before we allow ourselves to become excited about the outcome. We have an idea of what we want and only feel happy if what happens align with this. Yet what we don't realize is this restricts the possibilities and has us living limited by our expectations. Everything that happens is a consequence


Joyful Laughter is the medicine for worry and fuel for happiness Laughter has long been known to be a very healing experience for the body flooding us with endorphins , oxytocin and serotonin . All of which are literally fuel for happiness. What is less realized is that they also are a direct cure for stress and worry , literally shifting your brain chemistry to bring about ease and harmony. A lot of us focus on things that are challenging or could go wrong and it is this wor


WHEN WE AVOID RESPONSIBILITY WE GIVE AWAY OUR POWER A common notion when we feel dominated by an outside force is that it has power over us. This space we adopt a victim mentality of frustration and annoyance, feeling we are a helpless in the face of forces beyond us . Yet all the power you need is within you and the only way for another to have power over you is if you have given away your power . Now on the surface there seems to be many reasons for this but ultimately it


We are not Better than each other simply Different and thats what makes us all so unique. In our world we can often become obsessed with being better, and in a lot of ways self betterment or self improvement has become a very strong focus of modern life. Yet the question this brings up is better than what? Unfortunately it's quite often rooted in our own judgment of ourselves as less than what we believe we should be, and this intern comes from are comparing ourselves to oth


Each of us has a Unique gift that we discover when we stop comparing ourselves with others and start sharing ourselves with them instead One of the most common challenges that we all face is self worth, and the root of this issue is because Instead of noticing our own intrinsic value we compare ourselves to others and judge are worth based on that comparison. The problem with this way of thinking is that it does not account for the fact that we each have our own unique and sp


WHEN YOU GET A YES DON'T SECOND GUESS All of us have an internal Guidance system , a sixth sense , that will point us in the right direction towards our dreams yet quite often the direction it leads us too doesn't make sense based on our our current level of thinking . When this happens we second guess it and because we cant see the logic or it doesn't align with what we think is the correct way we dismiss it . The thing about this is that it is coming from out higher self

Shades of Gray

Be open to the variety of life for Between black and white are many shades of grey When we grow up many of us are taught right and wrong and we slowly learn to adopt a black and white opinion of life. The problem with this is that it creates a judgment system. we are always looking to know whether something is right or wrong, good or bad and not only do we judge others under this criteria but also ourself, quite often very harshly. This way of thinking prevents us from seeing