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When we listen

to others we also train

ourselves to hear our own innervoice

It is often said that the one thing everyone wants is "to be heard" , and when we give the gift of our attention it can literally change someones day .

Consciously listening is when we focus our energy towards someone, projecting positivity and compassion and holding space for them to unpack their inner clutter so they can get calm and see clearly.

We don't have to attach to fixing them , for when we release the need for them to be better or different, we offer the greater gift of acceptance that so often they can not offer themselves.

The opportunity to listen to another is actually one of the best ways we can practice listening to ourselves. We all have a busy mind that kicks into action all day with our to do lists , and then is sedated with food , drugs or alcohol , so rarely actually making space for silence .

Yet if we learn the art of listening we can also apply this to ourselves and consciously engage in holding space for our inner-voice to be heard , ultimately finding the true peace of self acceptance .

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