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Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Be guided by your excitement not your fear

We are all have an Internal guide that acts like a GPS ( God Provides Signs) sending us signals constantly as to the direction to take, and when we are sure of our destination then this is very straightforward to follow . However where it can be confusing is when we are unsure of where we wish to go. So as we switch back and forth the GPS changes real-time to update to our new desire.

The thing is as we keep looking at the pros and cons of each option trying to way up the best choice we flip the guidance around , and ultimately we start to realize that all the external signs are actually internal reflections based on our own choices. We have the option to surrender the idea that someone or something else is in charge of our destination and realize whatever choice we make will create signs to support it .

Ultimately there is no grand scheme that we have to try and align to , yet there is an evolutionary path we can choose to meander aimlessly on or courageously walk towards . Our BIg U is leading us toward the truth of ourselves which will always require the lies about to be at risk . This can be confusing as the body feels this internal guidance as a sensation, which we interpret as two possibilities . So here inside us we have the biggest choice , can we release the fear of the unknown and boldly step toward the excitement of mystery!

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