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Rather than wait to be chosen by another choose yourself

Sometimes when we are putting ourselves forward in life to be chosen for a job , or a team or a relationship we generally present what we believe is our best side and hope that we will be chosen. Yet sometimes this can not serve us , for we are willing to hide what we judge as not our good side and exaggerate attributes we believe are desirable.

This gives an inauthentic view of who we are in order to get some kind of payoff, yet what can happen is if we succeed we become trapped in this facade and over time the cost of this inauthenticity becomes obviously too much as we have to keep up this mask and become less authentic in the situation. Eventually we sabotage the agreement so that we can escape from the boundaries we created .

Rather than waiting to be chosen we can make the decision to choose ourselves. To choose to express our authenticity without insistence or attachment but moment to moment acceptance of who we are and share that honestly and courageously. Understanding that living in this light will bring about the perfect reflection of who we are and the offers we receive will then align with this.

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