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When we drop our fear of embarrassment our capacity for fun becomes unlimited

If we have invested in our ego we have sacrificed our authenticity for a construct , a mask , that we identify as ourselves and then we wish to protect its  standing with other people . We become proud of our achievements and become impressed by what we have built and slowly this investment lessens our willingness to be authentic with each passing moment.

We wish for others to recognize and acknowledge our creation which we call ourselves and we seek to protect it from being tarnished . We have decided that this means we should not make mistakes or get things wrong for this will embarrass us and ruin the investment we have made. This starts a process of self limitation where we sacrifice our authenticity for the sake of protecting our image and slowly we become a false shell of our true selves.

If we are fortunate we will notice this nose of restriction tightening around our necks and can start to see the payoff of this Situation is not worth the cost to our well being ,and we can choose to make a change .

If we are willing to place authenticity above all we dive into new opportunities not worrying about embarrassment but excited knowing they will offer learning , growth and evolution,  with the only hurdle to our capacity for FUN being our willingness to surrender our ego.

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