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The Value of Generosity

Ask not how productive

can I Be?

but how generous

can I Be ?

In modern day life we often attribute our value to how productive we are in each day . Each morning we look to see what we can accomplish and at the end of the day looking back over our to do lists, feeling a sense of achievement as we tick each one off , only to wake the next day with more tasks awaiting us .

Of course during the course of life it is necessary to complete daily duties both work and personal yet the issue is when we get so caught up in this that we make our worth based on this mindset.

Which means it is dependent on our success rate, not on our intrinsic quality.

What im suggesting to be a more beneficial way of recognizing our value is to give it away ! In other words when we spend our day being generous with our time , our energy , our graciousness is reflected back at us by others and we discover, the more we give the more we get to give. For we are an unlimited abundant source of all we could wish to receive realized in the expression of this generosity!

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