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3rd Corner of Love - SUPPORTIVE PARTNER - 4 Corners of Love ™ - Decoding the structure of relationships by Paul Gotel.

All Relationships , wether romantic or plutonic , bring gifts and challenges , usually wrapped up in each other , and one of the challenges is how to decipher the different aspects that come into play.

The object of the 4 Corners of LOVE ™ Model is to break down the singular concept relationship into four corners, each having their own attributes !.

The Third Corner we’ll pinpoint is the PARTNER corner , with its main goal to be infused with SUPPORT.

A Supportive Partner , is one that has aligned beliefs and values, that supports your journey of evolution through bringing together the power of two when focused on the same goals for the relationship .

When you share similar ethos in life it enables the partnership to be , constructive and supports the expansion of each individual within it . For example If you both find that organisation , cleanliness and tidiness are helpful and effective means of running a home then you will be able to work as an harmonious team and your living partner will add to the efficiency and ease of your life. By sharing the tasks of life you can build respect and gratitude for each other as you walk life’s journey.

Within the Partner corner are many aspects

Support, Gratitude, Beliefs & Values, Constructive , Helpfulness, Harmony , Respect , Communication, Alignment , Self Ownership , Responsibility , Effectiveness, Consideration , Reliability , Encouragement Etc.

This is the logistics of the relationship, the core operating behaviors that create an effective partnership , where the function of being together is a positive effect on your life , enabling each to achieve a higher degree of ease and flow , the sum of the parts literally equal more than the individuals .( for More details watch for 4 Corners of Love events and workshops coming soon)

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