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Ours wounds are the devices we use to get the attention from others that we feel too selfish to give to ourselves

We all carry the impact of the evolution in our life, we have had experiences that have been painful and live with us in the form of wounds, however when we keep retaining and repeating this behavior , its actually a way that we create scenarios to feel cared for, to feel paid attention to, to feel important to another?

Throughout our lives we have been impacted by the challenging experiences that a lot of us went through especially when in childhood, yet what we fail to notice is there is a subconscious Dynamic playing out which has us retain these wounds throughout our life, and has us subconsciously calling in a repetition of the same situations so that we can gain attention from my partner , friends or family so that we feel taken care of.

The root of this is that in Our early years we were chastised as small toddlers for being selfish, as if this was the ultimate sin and so we develop the habit of putting our self last and caring for others and pushing ourselves beyond our limits to be worthy of another’s attention and love, because we are not giving it to ourselves.

To balance this we often unconsciously create a dynamic of wounding, whether it be financial, health related illnesses etc. or relationship turmoil, and these patterns attract support from friends and family and make us feel cared for.

It is time to change this dynamic to realize that self-love is the engine of all love, and when you give to yourself you realize the abundance that is available to you , from you and through you. From that place you are generous and loving in interactions not from a place of duty or trade, but the natural expression of the overflowing vitality that is available to you when you drop your wounds and nurture love from within . So it naturally blossoms for those that witness your courage to inspire them to free themselves from their patterns and do the same .

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